A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet
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A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet

After I adopted my first puppy, I didn't train him very well. I was too afraid of him getting "mad at me" to scold him when he did naughty puppy things, like chewing up my shoes. I thought he would grow out of some of his bad habits, but it didn't seem like he was. I asked another dog owner at the dog park for advice, and he told me that dogs really enjoy being trained, and proper training actually makes them happier. After that conversation, I started taking my dog to a local training center and he seemed to really love being there! He soon stopped his bad habits and even learned fun tricks. I want to share my dog training tips with anyone out there who needs them and help everyone learn that a well-trained pet is a happy pet!


A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet

3 Important Rewards That Come With Professional Dog Training

Cameron Thompson

Some puppies aren't always going to behave the best. No matter what you try, your dog may never listen. If you're looking for a drastic change, it may be time for some professional dog training. It comes with so many rewards that you and your puppy can utilize. 

Enhances Safety

The world can be a dangerous place, especially for a puppy that's just trying to explore their new surroundings. You can minimize potential threats, though, by having your dog trained by a professional. After several lessons, your puppy will get better at obeying voice commands. 

These are pivotal for getting your puppy to do what you want. For example, if they run out into the street, you can command them back before they're hit and significantly injured. Or if they try attacking another dog, you can command them to sit and act obediently until the dog is a safe distance away. 

Improves Socialization 

Where a lot of dog owners go wrong is keeping their dogs locked up inside, with very little interaction with other people. Then when their puppy is around strangers, they may excessively bark and act out in aggression. Fortunately, dog training works to improve a puppy's socialization. 

Your puppy has the chance to meet different breeds of dogs. Earlier on, your puppy may be timid. Slowly over time, they'll start building up confidence and become much more friendly. During these social interactions, the trainer will make sure every dog plays in a non-aggressive manner. This way, you don't have to worry about your puppy getting injured while you're away.

Gives You Insight 

If you've never owned a dog before, you may not know very much about their behaviors or wants and needs. Then, you won't know how to interact with your dog or provide them with fulfillment on a daily basis.

You can avoid this situation, however, by taking your dog in for dog training. You receive just as much help as your puppy does during these sessions. You can learn what certain behaviors mean and figure out ways to bond better with your puppy. You'll also learn about particular signs, such as aggression, nervousness, hunger, and the desire to play. Knowing these signs helps you become a better dog owner overall.

Even if your newly purchased puppy is sweet, they can always benefit from dog training, such as at Orlando Dog Training - K9 Counselor. In addition to your puppy learning how to interact with other dogs and listen to commands, you'll gain all sorts of insights that can strengthen you and your puppy's bond.