A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet
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A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet

After I adopted my first puppy, I didn't train him very well. I was too afraid of him getting "mad at me" to scold him when he did naughty puppy things, like chewing up my shoes. I thought he would grow out of some of his bad habits, but it didn't seem like he was. I asked another dog owner at the dog park for advice, and he told me that dogs really enjoy being trained, and proper training actually makes them happier. After that conversation, I started taking my dog to a local training center and he seemed to really love being there! He soon stopped his bad habits and even learned fun tricks. I want to share my dog training tips with anyone out there who needs them and help everyone learn that a well-trained pet is a happy pet!


A Well-trained Pet Is a Happy Pet

  • What Do Dogs Learn In Obedience Lessons?

    15 December 2020

    Dogs are more than mere pets. They're part of the family. However, you can't forget that dogs are animals with their own innate natures. Dogs are pack animals who are happiest when they have firm leadership. In the wild, wolves follow the lead of a family structure with a leader at the head. In your household, you have to be the leader for your dog. Dog obedience lessons are an excellent way to establish leadership.